Tractor Trailer Repair,Tire and Towing Services. All Truck Services, Inc. is your One Stop Repair Shop located in Ca.

 All Truck Services, Inc. has everything it takes to meet your fleet needs. We are very proud of our 50 plus year reputation of outstanding service to our customers. We maintain a fleet of service trucks equipped with welders, compressors, cutting torches, complete tire tools, impact guns, tractor trailer repair
tools, popular parts and materials. We also offer full service for all major repairs at our yard in Fontana, California, centrally located between the 10 and the 60, and the 15 and the 215 freeways. 
By having experienced / trained and certified personnel and reliable equipment, we are able to offer a wide range of truck services, making us your one-call repair shop. Time and a half for all night calls, emergency calls, and weekend service. We offer night calls, emergency calls, and weekend service at very competitive rates. Our 24-hour emergency toll free number is 1-800-357-0603. We Service ALL of Southern California including Las Vegas.
If you should need any further information regarding the tractor trailer repair services that we have to offer, please do not hesitate to call us!                          

Full Service Shop

Mechanic working on Diesel engine

All Truck Services, Inc. is a Cummins Service Associate. Our mechanics are equipped with the latest computer diagnostic tools and are able to accurately diagnose/repair every make model tractor using the latest software. We also specialize in all trailer repairs.

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Fleet Maintenance Service

We provide full service PMs, DOT inspections and repair services for tractor and trailers. We get you back on the road fast, saving you time and money.

We have nine mobile service units serving all of Southern California. We Provide emergency breakdown services 24-hours a day. Our service trucks are fully equipped with welders, compressors, cutting torches, complete tire tools, impact guns, trailer repair tools, and popular parts.

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